When you think about a train wagon, you think about a comfortable way to travel from A to B. But not this train wagon. This train wagon doesn’t move, not from A to B. It stands still. Already for more than 5 years. Even longer.

It happens more often that old train wagons are parked until they get demolished. They just stand on a railway, while nothing happens. But not this one. This one has a story to tell.

This train wagon has all the same features as other old train wagons. It doesn’t move anymore, already for many years. It is rusted. It only stands there, mostly in the sun. Sometimes with harsh winds. Completely abandoned. Well not completely.

Many years ago a travelling circus left the tigers. The owner said to a local farmer that he would come back to pick them up again. But he never did. So the farmer hes been feeding the tigers for all these years, to the best of his abilities.

But tigers don’t belong to a circus and certainly not to a train wagon. When our foundation heard about the four tigers on the train we decided instantly to get them out of there.

We’ll be back for more information about this rescue mission as we will need your help as well!