About us

Many wild animals are trapped in situations that are awful. Neglected by owners that treated them as pets. In zoos that don’t have the resources anymore to properly feed them while they have to live in small cages. Of no use by circuses that are not allowed to entertain people anymore with wild animals.

We give them a future again. Getting them out of their misery by moving them to a new home. To carefully selected, ethical and responsible sanctuaries in Africa where there is enough space to feel freedom. Without reproduction, without direct interaction with tourists or visitors and without trade in wildlife.

Our mission is to save these animals. One by one. In well-managed, coordinated and respectful rescue missions.

“We always organise our rescue missions in a transparent way, one rescue mission at a time. Sometimes it is one tiger, sometimes it is a couple or a small group. This approach is not only effective, but it also very rewarding. For the animal, for us and for the people that help us to make this possible. Because in this way we can truly say: you can actually save a tiger, a lion or another icon of nature.”