A train wagon

When you think about a train wagon, you think about a comfortable way to travel from A to B. But not this train wagon. This train wagon doesn't move, not from A to B. It stands still. Already for more than 5

Eye to eye with train tigers

After a long journey of more than 1,000 kilometers we are finally eye to eye with the train tigers again. The tigers are so beautiful, but the conditions in which these 4 beautiful tigers have to live in are beyond terrible.

The Pumas Project

Imagine a zoo in a South American country with not enough money to maintain the zoo itself, nor to take care of its animals. We want to rescue three pumas from such a zoo.

Four tigers on a train

In the searing heat of the North West Argentine summer four helpless tigers find themselves victims of a terrible set of circumstances. Locked up permanently in a disused train carriage , they live in a parasite infested waste.

We have decided to get