Companies a world where it is becoming obvious that nature is losing the battle against the expansion of humans, a change is urgently needed. Fortunately we see a lot of initiatives to fight climate change and to fight pollution. But also to fight the destruction of habitat of wild animals. We can only cheer for that as more than 1 million species of plants and animals are endangered as a result.


Ways of cooperating

What we also see is that more and more companies are willing to commit to certain causes.

Big and small companies work together in several different ways. For example, our foundation and the Ubuntu Wildlife Sanctuary: Sometimes we cooperate in a volunteer program. And sometimes companies help because we can help them with supporting more than one Sustainable Development Goal. And sometimes companies just support us because we do great work for wild animals. There are many reasons to cooperate with us.



Support more than one SDG

By supporting the Wildlife Advocates Foundation you actively support more than one Sustainable Development Goal (SDG).

Sustainable Development Goals

With our programs we work closely together with local communities (1-2). We offer our knowledge, we offer jobs and we offer our experience. An example of this can be seen in our education programs for adults and children (4). We teach them how important wildlife is for humanity and how important is to respect our ecology. Another example is that we offer decent work on a regular basis, both for men and women (10) and we help them to realize the vital roles of men and women.

We also contribute to the SDGs with our solar collectors and the use of water pumps (7 -13). It is our goal to get the sanctuary completely self-sustainable in the future, with a full circle waste management program (12). All guests (volunteers and visitors) will be part of our program.

Finally we help wild animals (15) get back into the wild again, where we only offer help if it is needed. We can’t do this without the help of partners (schools, companies, individuals). Partnerships (17) are vital for our success.


The Wildlife Advocates Foundation wants to work together with companies more and more. Because we think it is important that companies show their responsibilities as well towards their employees and their customers.

If you are interested, get in touch with us and we can have a talk about the possibilities to work together.

Just send us an email and we will get in touch with you ASAP.

With your help we can rescue more wildlife from mostly horrible conditions and give them a new future, in a place where they are cared for and where they can live a life which can described as the closest to the life as possible.
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