Dirk Sijmons

Dirk Sijmons: an interview with the initiator of the ‘Time Is Running Out’-campaign


A wonderful initiative by jeweler and watchmakers Symons&Panchenko! They introduced a unique watch, called Tiger Silver Master. With the ‘Time is Running Out’-campaign they support our rescue of the train tigers in Argentina. CEO Dirk Sijmons: “Those tigers have to get out of there as soon as possible!”

A train wagon the deserted pampa

Under the name ‘Time is Running Out’ The Hague-based Symons&Panchenko takes action for the train tigers. They crept behind the design table and designed a beautiful watch. The price is only 169 euros, of which no less than 69 euros (!) goes to the rescue. A conversation with CEO Dirk Sijmons about the how and why.

Why did you decide to do this?
“Symons&Panchenko wants to do something about the wrongs in the world. We saw those images of the plight of the tigers in the train wagon. In the blazing sun! Horrific. Actually, we rarely make a special watch for a promotion, but we didn’t hesitate for a second. Those tigers need to get out of there as soon as possible!”

Can you tell us more about the Tiger Silver Master watch?
“The watch is sporty and fashionable at the same time. Of course it is of very good quality, one that you can wear with pride. The colors perfectly match the action for these train tigers. We offer the watch to our relations, but it is of course for sale to everyone. With this watch you’ll wear a lasting memory of a fantastic and important initiative. In this way, we hope that the tigers can get to the Ubuntu Wildlife Sanctuary in South Africa as soon as possible.”

When can we address the campaign as successful?
“When we receive videos and photos of the four tigers in South Africa, without cages and with enough space to roam! We are confident that we will receive those images in the near future.”

Do you want to order a watch for yourself or give it to someone else?

Tiger Silver Master
Design of the TIGER SILVER MASTER – Time is Running Out!