Train tiger eye to eye

Eye to eye with train tigers


After a long journey of more than 1,000 kilometers we are finally eye to eye with the train tigers again. The tigers are so beautiful, but the conditions in which these 4 beautiful tigers have to live in are beyond terrible.

The space is too small, it gets extremely hot. Imprisoned in a train carriage in the North of Argentina. It is really unbelievable.

We would have loved to open the train wagon and take them to South Africa where we have found the perfect area for them. But unfortunately this is not realistic.

Behind the scenes we have started already to begin the rescue process. It requires preparatory paperwork, a lot! We know it’s part of the deal if you want to translocate tigers legally.

But first we need the money to make it all possible. For this we are preparing a crowdfunding project, which we will introduce within a couple of weeks. Keep in touch with our social media to follow up on this important rescue!

We already did a number of rescues, so it is possible!

We believe in it!