FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Are the animals safe?

Yes, the animals are safe on Ubuntu Wildlife Sanctuary. The founder and general manager, Jurg Olsen, has great experience in setting up sanctuaries and protecting them. His experience as a valuable member of the South African Police Force has helped him to create safe environments where animals can roam safe and free.

How do you communicate about the rescues?o

Rescuing animals is a delicate job, with lots of stakeholders. In the process of negotiating, we prefer not to make announcements as our experience is that it makes it harder to reach a deal with parties if they get the feeling that they are being forced. As soon as this is over, we are as transparent as possible. We make announcements via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN and via Instagram. For the people that are engaged with a particular rescue we offer Whatsapp groups and newsletter to keep them updated.

How can we help?

The more money we can raise with our foundation, the more captive wild animals we can rescue from these horrific situations. You can help with donating (see below) but also in other ways, like volunteering.  Just take a look at the wanna help section, to learn more about the possibilities

Do you need press attention?

Yes. The more the merrier. The press is an amplifier of awareness and can really help to get people aware of the situations of captive wild animals. This creates more opportunities to get the means we need to organize rescues.

Can I put the foundation in a will?

Yes, you can. In many countries there are also tax benefits if you do this. Please contact your tax advisor or us, if you have the intention to put the Wildlife Advocates Foundation in your will.

How is the sanctuary funded?

By you. We raise funds with individuals, groups, teams, clubs and companies. We also apply for grants or funds with charities.

Can we visit the animals?

Not exactly. Our policy is that the wild animals live a life as close as in the wild as possible. In that sense we don’t allow visitors to the sanctuary. There is an opportunity to join a volunteer program. In that way you will help the sanctuary to create the best conditions possible for the wild animals.

Are the animals suffering from the travelling?

Yes. Just like in humans, it affects their biorhythm. Before the wild animals can travel they go through a thorough medical check. If they are not fit to travel, we first need to strengthen them. When they are strong enough, we believe the animals can easily stand the temporarily traveling inconveniences.

Why South Africa?

We have been looking for an area that has the space and the infrastructure to give wild animals a sanctuary for the rest of their life, with the care they need and deserve. Next to this, we needed to be sure we could count on the people that manage the sanctuary. Responsibility, experience and a humane attitude were key in our search. This is why we have chosen for Africa.

Is there enough knowledge to maintain the animals?

There is. The founder and general manager Jurg Olsen has great experience in setting up sanctuaries and protecting them. His conservation knowledge is solid. To back him up when medical assistance is needed, he gets the help of one the best veterinary doctors in South Africa.

Is it save to donate to your foundation?

Yes, absolutely! Although we are a young NGO, we have a strong sense of responsibility. Our NGO is established in the Netherlands with a certified notary, we are transparent in what we do and in our results, we have a clear renumeration policy (we only work with volunteers) and we have a clear donation policy. If you have any doubts, please let us know so we can be able to offer you more information.

How does your foundation stand out with other NGOs?

All our people are dedicated to save captive wild animals from horrific situations and to let people know what’s happening. It is our mission to save these animals. One by one. We are committed to be as efficient with the funds as possible. We don’t pay salaries to our people and work only with volunteers. And we are dedicated and passionate: we do what we need to do, for as long as it takes, to rescue the wild animals from their miserable situations and give them a new life, where they are respected, have enough and proper food, in a safe environment with enough space to roam. They need it, they deserve it.

Do you have a question about our foundation, the sanctuary or the wild animals?

Just send us an email and we will get in touch with you.
We promise, it won’t keep long for getting back to you.

With your help we can rescue more wildlife from mostly horrible conditions and give them a new future, in a place where they are cared for and where they can live a life which can described as the closest to the life as possible.
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