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KvK number:     75813475
RSIN number:   860405278


The statutory objective of the Stichting ‘ Wildlife Advocates Foundation ‘ (hereinafter ‘ the Foundation ‘) is the promotion of animal welfare.

The foundation aims to achieve its goal by supporting activities to give animals a free or better life and/or by increasing awareness among people about the problems that animals have to deal with.

In its work, the Foundation rejects any form of physical/emotional violence against humans or animals.

Description of the work

The foundation performs all sorts of work to achieve its goal. The most common are:

  • Rescue actions aimed at transferring animals in distress to the wilderness or to organisations specialised in quality care of animals. Activities include:
    • Mediation
    • Advice
    • Matching in finding suitable shelters;
    • Support to sanctuaries in finding donors in the Netherlands and Europe.
  • Knowledge transfer on animal welfare and nature protection, including the promotion of sustainability. Activities include:
    • Communication, including public campaigns
    • Website and social media use
    • Creating, expanding and exploiting networks
  • Fundraising to support the actions that lead to the goal.

W.A.F. is a not for profit organization.


The foundation first concentrates on the rescue actions of exotic animals. The focus is mainly on Argentina because one of our initiators, Natasja de Winter, lives there and has become a very effective mediator.

In Argentina, there is a growing consciousness that wild animals do not belong in cages, therefore closing zoos. At the same time, Argentina is economically unstable. This makes it difficult to obtain financial resources to facilitate rescue operations, whereby mediation and advice alone are not sufficient to be able successful transfers.

Ubuntu Wildlife Sanctuary ( is a major partner in these rescue operations in South Africa. The Foundation will therefore act as a representative of Ubuntu in Argentina and Europe. This also means that the foundation accepts donations for Ubuntu and fully transfers them to Ubuntu, paying for the costs of transfer. Furthermore, new activities of Ubuntu will be supported with fundraising and other relevant initiatives.
For 2019 and 2020, several rescue operations were initiated, with a total of more than 80 lions and tigers from Argentina involved. All animals will be eventually transferred to Ubuntu.
In addition, the foundation started in 2019 with:
  • The acquisition of funds for the work
  • Transfer of knowledge to the public
  • Setting up a board of recommendation.

Recruitment of funds

Obtaining donations, inheritances, funds or turnover to pay the costs necessary for the realisation of the goal, the foundation wants to do among other things through:

  • Authorities
  • Private donors;
  • Business donors;
  • Organisations that make funds available;
  • Activities in which products are sold and where the profit is fully used for the purpose;
  • Inheritance is accepted by the foundation only under the privilege of estate description.

The board

The Foundation has a board of three members that is responsible for managing the assets.

The board has three functions:

  • President: Chris Slappendel, residing in Berkel en Rodenrijs (the Netherlands)
  • Secretary: Anne Ligthelm, residing in Rotterdam (the Netherlands)
  • Treasurer: Corina Kerkmans, residing in Gouda (The Netherlands).
The board meets at least twice a year for an administrative meeting. This can also take place through a teleconference meeting. Minutes are made of these board meetings and they are made public.

The board members receive no remuneration for their activities.

The following tasks shall be carried out under the supervision of the Board:
  • Activities in the field of rescue, knowledge transfer and awareness raising
  • Allocating and transferring funds to projects, rescue operations and places of reception
  • Knowledge transfer on animal welfare and nature protection, including the promotion of sustainability
  • Fundraising in general and for Ubuntu in particular.

Management of the foundation’s assets

The assets are spent after approval of the Board in accordance with the objective of the foundation:

  • Make financial actions possible
  • Financial support at catch locations
  • Knowledge transfer on animal welfare
  • Other activities that fit the statutory objective.

At least 98 percent of the revenues benefit rescue operations, reception locations and knowledge transfer.

The foundation does not have the objective to make a profit. However, it wants to maintain a healthy financial buffer to:
  • To develop and implement the rescue operations effectively and efficiently so that they are not unduly delayed due to the lack of funds;
  • To set up new activities that contribute to the foundation’s objective.

The Board is responsible for a sound and transparent financial policy. The board creates that a.o. by:

  • The annual establishment of a budget
  • The spending of funds and the creation of provisions
  • The establishment and control of an annual balance sheet and the statement of income and expenses in which the assets and expenses are declared. This is done annually and at the latest within six months of the end of the financial year.

When the foundation is lifted, the liquidation balance will be earmarked for an ANBI with similar objective. 

With your help we can rescue more wildlife from mostly horrible conditions and give them a new future, in a place where they are cared for and where they can live a life which can described as the closest to the life as possible.
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