A train wagon the deserted pampa

[press release] Four tigers on an Argentinian train on their way to their forever home


Today we can announce exciting news about the upcoming rescue of the four so-called ‘train tigers’. It’s finally happening! This press release was shared on Saturday the 12th of February (2022). Thank you all for your sympathy, your help and your donations!

Press release

An open train carriage in the province of San Luis in northeastern Argentina is the setting for a bizarre and animal-degrading situation. Four tigers have been living there for more than 10 years on less than 75m2 in appalling conditions. The ‘train tigers’ were defenseless, with barely room to move and live and in a train wagon that was barely kept clean. They are surrounded by excrement and bone remains from meat thrown at them. But not for long now anymore.

One year ago three organisations heard about their situation and decided to step up for the animals. Planet Tiger from France, Ubuntu Wildlife Sanctuary from South Africa and the Wildlife Advocates Foundation from the Netherlands united in what now seems to become a glorious moment for these tigers and for wildlife lovers around the world.

With the welcome help of Austria-based global animal welfare organisation FOUR PAWS, the rescue has now gained momentum. The result is that it will be likely that within a matter of weeks before the journey for the four tigers to their forever home will take place. They will be welcomed in one of the sanctuaries of FOUR PAWS, with guaranteed keeping conditions in order to make their lives free of suffering.

Both FOUR PAWS, on which is decided that they to take the lead of the rescue, and the other organisations will report about further developments, until the four tigers have arrived safely at the sanctuary.

The four organisations express their warmest gratitude to all the people involved in this rescue mission. The help of generous donors, cooperating activities and volunteers again show that combined efforts help to right the wrongs in this world.

Frederic Geffroy, chairman Planet Tiger
Chris Slappendel, chairman Wildlife Advocates Foundation