How can I help?

The Wildlife Advocates Foundation is an organisation that is built on volunteers. All our people have a passion to save wild animals from often horrific captive conditions. To improve what we do and have more results meaning that more wild animals can exchange captive situations for a closest-to-the-wild habitat. We want to work together with people who can add value to what we are doing.

For this, we are looking for people and companies who would like to create extra funding for our activities.

Volunteer work

As a young NGO we have still a lot of things to do. That’s why we are looking for volunteers who can help us on a permanent or on a temporarily basis. You can find our vacant positions if you click on the button .


We need money to rescue the captive wild animals from their current situations or cooperations with companies that can help us with this rescues. In this section you can learn more about this.

With your help we can rescue more wildlife from mostly horrible conditions and give them a new future, in a place where they are cared for and where they can live a life which can described as the closest to the life as possible.