The Wildlife Advocates Foundation has a mission: to rescue captive wild animals from often horrific conditions.

What we do is quite simple but actually very hard work. We want to save wild animals, one by one. There are four main activities of work to rescue wild animals.
  1.  Negotiating with owners
  2. Transport and traveling
  3. Arranging their new homes
  4. During the last part we also start to make sure that the animals have a new home once they arrive. This means that the sanctuary will have to take action in numerous ways. It means that we have to undertake activities to get extra food, extra manpower, extra fencing and building a night shelter.

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Individuals and donations

To make this possible we ask individuals for donations. A rescue always costs money but every euro, dollar, yen, rupee or rand is very well spent as it is priceless to see a lion or a tiger walking on actual grass for the first time in their life!
We are established in the Netherlands and act on a high moral level with our fundraising. We are ANBI-proof, which means that Dutch people that donate to us have tax benefits.

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If you want and can give money to support us in our activities to rescue wild animals, we would be very happy. It doesn’t matter if you do a ‘on time donation’ or on a regularly basis… we are happy with all your donations.

Voor Nederlandse Ingezetenen

Algemeen nut beogende instellingen (ANBI’s) kunnen gebruikmaken van bepaalde belastingvoordelen bij erven, schenken en de energiebelasting.
Instellingen die door De Belastingdienst als ANBI worden aangewezen, hebben deze belastingvoordelen.

De Wildlidlife Advocates Foundation is een ANBI-instelling.

Periodiek Schenken

Voor mensen die periodiek willen schenken, zijn er extra fiscale voordelen. Deze voordelen treft u op de webpagina ‘periodiek schenken‘.

With your help we can rescue more wildlife from mostly horrible conditions and give them a new future, in a place where they are cared for and where they can live a life which can described as the closest to the life as possible.
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