Maxima Kanya
Maxima Kanya exploring

Maxima Kanya


When: December 2019

From: A closed-down zoo in Santiago del Estero in Argentina.

To: Ubuntu Wildlife Sanctuary in South Africa




Maxima Kanya

The Story

Máxima was rescued from a zoo closing down in in La Plata, Argentina. The sight of Colon (her ‘captive’ name) in a worn down zoo was sad to see. We managed the rescue and the funds, also with the help of Dutch celebrities Frans and Mariska Bauer, as well as the help of the Rotterdam zoo.

She arrived at Ubuntu Wildlife Sanctuary on 14 December 2019. Having been kept in a small enclosure she found her new large natural camp at Ubuntu quite intimidating. It took her a few days to gather the confidence. To investigate her new surroundings, meet the neighbours and feel the African sun on her skin. However, once she experienced the wonders of trees, bush and brush, her natural instincts kicked in. She even caught an unsuspecting hare who wandered into her camp. 

The Wildlife Advocates Foundation – Our mission is to improve animal welfare and to raise awareness. We organise rescue missions and awareness campaigns. For this we raise funds. Our primary focus is on saving wildlife. At the moment wild animals in Argentina need all the help they can get as Argentina is in a dwindling economic situation. Also we focus on giving the rescued animals a peaceful life after they are rescued. [read more]


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