Rescue Partners

Rescue Partners

The Wildlife Advocates Foundation is rescuing captive wild animals from often horrific situations. That’s why it gets more urgent every day. But to do this, we need more support. A very special way to help us, is by signing up to be a Rescue Partner.

A rescue partner can be an individual, a school or a class, a team or a club and it can be a company, big or small. The way it works is easy.

Be A Rescue Partner

These are the steps to become a Rescue Partner:

  1. Make a team
  2. Create an activity to raise money
  3. Commit yourself to an amount (minmum € 2500)
  4. Set a timeframe that is reasonable
  5. Contact us to receive all the information about the animals that are going to be rescued
  6. We’ll send you the information and if possible extra (digital) materials that you can use
  7. Announce what you are doing, with all your friends, colleagues, customers, classmates and family
  8. Start the activity
  9. Raise the money
  10. Finish the activity according to plan
  11. Inform all the people that cooperated about the activity and your results
  12. Transfer the money to the Wildlife Advocates Foundation

We will help you

During the whole process we will help you all we can with:

  • Guidelines for setting up an activity
  • A formal “RESCUE PARTNER’ logo, to be used on website, newsletters and social media
  • Texts for announcing your activity, updates and telling about the results
  • Information about the wild animals that need to be rescued
  • Whatsapp groups in which we inform about the activities concerning the rescue
  • Social media announcements
You will also get a special page on our website so everybody can see and check you are an official rescue partner of the Wildlife Advocates Foundation.

Get started!

Just send us an e-mail. We’ll get in touch with you so you can get going as soon as possible!  

With your help we can rescue more wildlife from mostly horrible conditions and give them a new future, in a place where they are cared for and where they can live a life which can described as the closest to the life as possible.
Click below to donate and help us save these majestic animals!

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