Text Writer

Text Writer

The Text Writer is an important player within the Wildlife Advocates Foundation. He or she is able to bring the heart and soul of what we want to achieve into writing. In all the ways possible. You will be responsible for all the written text within our foundation. Also for telling the world what we want them to know. To be able to do this, you should have excellent English writing and communication skills. Above all, you care about (captive) wild animals and empathize with the way they are treated.

(Daily) Responsibilities:

  • Writing
    • webtexts
    • important social media posts
    • texts for brochure(s)
    • press releases
    • (thank you) letters and notifications to our donors, ambassadors and rescue partners

We look for:

  • Creativity: This is a given for writing, but even our fact-based writing needs a creative mind behind it to decide the best way to present the story to readers and to use language that engages our audience.
  • Grammar and syntaxis: Good writing is clear and simple, grammatically correct, and flows well.
  • Curiosity: Good writing is based on thorough research into the topic being written about. This means you need a desire to dig into topics through research to make the writing as accurate and as detailed as possible.
  • Thick skin: Writing is a process that often involves multiple drafts, and early drafts typically are marked up heavily with questions and constructive criticism. Our text writer needs to take criticism well and not get too attached to early drafts.
With your help we can rescue more wildlife from mostly horrible conditions and give them a new future, in a place where they are cared for and where they can live a life which can described as the closest to the life as possible.
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