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Our foundation is based on volunteers. All donations are used for saving wild animals, often from horrific conditions. Our policy is to spend as less money as possible for useless costs. We don’t have an office, we don’t have ‘foundaiton cars’ and we don’t have employees. Sometimes we have to pay costs, i.e. for building a website, using facilites of a bank or a payment provider. This means that almost all of your donated money (>97%) will be used directly to save wild animals.

Rescue of Baguira - thank you!

Baguira used to live her live in a circus trailer, traveling from one place to another, to entertain people in the North of Argentina. She was locked up in this small, inhumane trailer for over 4 years, never leaving her cage. Baguira was severely malnourished and weighing only 80 kilograms. Her will to live further had vanished. According to the vet at the scene, it was “a matter of months” before she would die. Baguira was confiscated by the authorities and immediately she recovered. However, every intent to find her a safe forever home failed. Until people started to donate.

Baguira is doing well now, accustomed to her new life and shining like a proud lioness.

Unfortunately many wild animals like Baguira live the same terrible life that she did. 

You help us to make a difference.

Thank you.

Baguiro in circus trailer
Baguiro in private habitat