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[Be aware that you will get a message while transferring the money about a cross check that cannot be completed (name/IBAN-check) by the bank. This has nothing to do with us but it's an omission of our bank (Triodos). It means you have to be sure that you transfer the money to the right bank account. The bank says that this will be solved in 2021.] 

Our foundation is based on volunteers. All donations are used for saving wild animals, often from horrific conditions. Our policy is to spend as less money as possible for useless costs. We don't have an office, we don't have 'foundaiton cars' and we don't have employees. Sometimes we have to pay costs, i.e. for building a website, using facilites of a bank or a payment provider. This means that almost all of your donated money (>97%) will be used directly to save wild animals.

Rescue of Máxima - thank you!

Maxima walking

Colon was living in a closed-down zoo in Santiago del Estero in Argentina. The situation was not sustainable for her, which would eventually lead to a drama. But with the help of many people who have donated, the Rotterdam Zoo and Dutch TV-celebrities Frans and Mariska Bauer the Wildlife Advocates Foundation was able to get her out of there. We renamed her to Máxima, as a reference to Dutch queen Máxima who was born in Argentina.  Now Máxima lives a life as a tigress at the Ubuntu Wildlife Sanctuary in South Africa, the closest to the wild as possible.

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